When the kids get too quiet…

Sometimes the silence is a bad thing. Most of the time it starts out as a welcome relief, but quickly leads to anxiety. Usually leaving them in silence leads to regretful messes, but lately it has turned out really well.

My latest quiet time started after I took a big mommy risk- taking a phone call in the middle of the day. Things were going well until I heard the microwave. I finally decided to investigate and crept down to the kitchen. Flour, egg cartons, a gallon of milk…. the kids had made crêpe batter!

Cooking Kids Crepe

Apparently when my kids get bored, they prepare recipes. It’s a relief to know our homeschooling has gone well enough for them to read the recipe and measure it accurately.

While we have a favorite basic recipe from Nana, we experiment with new fillings using whatever goodies we have on hand. Savory crêpes get ham, English white cheddar, onions and mushrooms. Sweet crêpes get lime juice and sugar, Nutella, or anything that would normally go on an ice cream sundae.

We won’t waste a drop of batter- even making roses with the last little drizzle.

Crepe Rose

Here’s our recipe. Enjoy with your little best friends!


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