You keep me looking up

Probably for the first time since becoming a parent, I didn’t want Mass to end. Even with three kids bouncing between the two front pews, I didn’t want the funeral to be over.

Our big church seemed small with so many familiar faces gathered. Other than the previous night’s funeral evening prayer, I cannot recall a time when all voices wholeheartedly sang together the hopeful songs of resurrection. The procession of our Bishop, priests, deacons, and seminarians from around the state was certainly impressive. But more than just a display of numbers, is knowing that they each stopped their busy schedules to pay tribute to the woman who was behind the scenes in orchestrating so much of their ability to be present to you and me. The peace and silence during the readings were calming. The fond remembrance and laughter during the homily were beautiful. Thank you, Ginger, for inviting us. It was perfect.

Each reading and each prayer slowly and carefully spoke to my heart.

“Indeed for your faithful, Lord,
life is changed not ended.” 

Yes, we know you live. Yes, we are changed, too.

“Be not afraid. I go before you always.” 

Yes, Ginger, you did. Yes, Jesus, you do.

“And be thankful.”

We are so thankful for the memories made and the lessons learned.

Now we pray, give thanks, and live more fully your mission as our own. We can’t wait for our next Mass with you.




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  1. Abby Adamson says:

    This was beautiful, Nicole. Thank you for sharing your experience. Beautiful job with the reading, by the way.

    One more thought about ChristLife…..and mainly because I know and have had various conversations about “With All Your Heart” with two of its committee members – my dad and Karen Lambert. I know they’re working on planning the season that will kick off the “heart to witness” season at Pentecost. Might be nice to tie these programs together. I know they’re looking for ways to connect With All Your Heart as an overall arch to guiding parish life.

    Blessings for your day, Abby

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