How to Not Starve During Lent

Some people are blessed with the ability to be happy vegetarians. I am not one of them. So, when Lent rolls around, it is a serious sacrifice to plan well to make sure that Friday meatless meals happen.


This recipe was from my mom, but became a new meal when an awesome Indian friend helped me tweak it by teaching me to make homemade naan.  Now it’s our first choice for a meatless, delicious, and unique meal that is kid-approved and protein-packed.


Our new favorite naan recipe requires some effort (adapted from this site), but we have been known to use store bought tortilla mix in a pinch. The real recipe is WELL WORTH IT and amazing! This is a half recipe, which makes enough to feed our family of five at two dinners. Yes, it does require an egg and a half this way- sorry. Our secret is using the pancake griddle instead of the stovetop, broiler or grill.


When you’re not trying our favorite meatless meal, what are you cooking for your family this Lent? We still need a few more meals on our menu!


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