Great Light

It’s not unusual for a prayer request to come across my newsfeed. Recently the amber alerts, illnesses, and stories of distress are surpassing the cute baby pictures. Unfortunately, sometimes things are too big or too distant to be solved by a hot meal.  How do I cope?

I take responsibility.  

I need to open my eyes, my heart, and my schedule to be patiently inconvenienced by the people in front of me.

I need to look up out of my own worry for the future and be ready to see and offer Good News.

I need to raise children and cultivate relationships that live a mission of love as top priority.

The victims of the world’s brokenness, are the little ones at my kitchen table, my siblings, parents and in-laws, the friends and strangers I interact with each day. Without purposeful and active presence in the lives of those around me, my march, protest, or changed profile picture does nothing but act as my pacifier. However, I will revolutionize the world when I live the change I want to see.

I remember God’s kept promises. 

Our Good Father will not leave us in darkness. I read about it in Bible. I read about it in the saints’ lives. And sometimes, when I need it most, God sends me light in the moment.

And this month, after a season of darkness- hard prayers for healing that has not come, for the repose of soul after soul, for situations where a solution is not yet within reach,  for a humanity that rejects the humane- God sent light!

Her name is Joy and her life is a miracle. I saw her story three times before I had the courage to dive in and pray boldly. I read the testimony of the first responders who held her body and was riveted by update after update of her return to full life.

Watch below:

*Update* As I published this, I got a notification that Joy is home from the hospital!

Be part of the miracle here.  Be generous here.





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