Why We Travel With Small Children

With three kids under 7, it can sometimes feel like a waste of time to travel. However, in addition to satisfying our own wanderlust, hubby and I actually enjoy our family adventures.

Here’s why:

1. Every day activities are an adventure in a new place. Whether it be old favorites like fishing, or boring normal like brushing teeth and snack, nothing breaks up the monotony like a getaway. Even puddles are better on vacation!

Lake Glenville, North Carolina
Hilton Head Island

2. Creation is captivating!

My kids can watch wildlife for hours.

Surry, Virginia
Grand Cayman

Nothing puts the world in perspective better than wondering at everything smaller and everything bigger than our worries and concerns! Plus, you can always find something outside for free.

Brighton Beach
Brighton Beach

3. We all appreciate home just a little bit more. With three kids, we’re always packed in– packed into the car for hours, packed into a hotel or cruise stateroom, packed into an airplane. Things get cozy, which starts out silly and fun. But eventually our own beds, dressers, cars, and kitchen start calling us back home.

Royal Caribbean: Freedom of the Seas
Hilton Head Island

4. Experiences become accomplishments, funny stories, and memories that aren’t forgotten. Even though our littles may not remember everything, they know the stories so well that they can caption the scrapbooked photos for us. Our trips are adventures only we’ve shared. And in a world where we share everything, it’s nice to have something that’s just us.

Hilton Head Island
Charleston, South Carolina
Freedom of the Seas
Royal Caribbean: Freedom of the Seas

We’ll tell you how we survive packing, scheduling, and peacemaking with three kids on the road in our next post!


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