Bread baking means flour. Everywhere.

Are your baking skills at the “buy bread in bag” level?

Do you forget to start dinner planning until lunch of the same day?

Do you sometimes not have all your ingredients and have to run to the store in the middle of preparation?

Good news– you can probably still make this bread!

Yes, I (plus my entourage) made that! I never thought I would be the kind of mom capable of baking bread. After I mastered pancakes, I continued to scroll past the many homemade bread recipes I saw on the mommy blogs. Everything seemed like a lot of work until, thankfully, Nana introduced me to a no-knead recipe that lead to a winter of meal planning driven by pairing meals with fresh, crusty bread. Which is great when I remember to plan 8-18 hours ahead.

BUT, one day a friend brought over homemade bread that can be started the same day. The poor planner and carb addict in me rejoiced! Now we can start fresh bread within 3 hours of dinner. Bread magic- “fairy dust” included.

Step 1: Remember last minute that you need bread.

Step 2: Gather your 6 ingredients and follow these directions:

Quick Bread Recipe

This is a very forgiving dough that puts up with less than professional technique and timing. You can even substitute other types of salt, oil, and flour.

Step 3: Eat with a hefty side of Kerrygold butter. This isn’t a sponsored post, but seriously, Kerrygold is where it’s at. From soaking up soup to eating with breakfast, this is our new family favorite.

Here’s the original recipe that we adapted.




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