Best Year Ever

My first projects of 2017 called for a “new year, new you” feel, but ended up being more than just generic inspiration. I sat staring at Photoshop and tried to capture my own thoughts and feelings about the coming year. As I reflected and browsed trending New Year’s posts, I felt an overwhelming negativity. Even worse than open pessimism was the veiled negativity that is lurking behind every “Good Riddance 2016” post.

Don’t get me wrong– I feel the frustrations of our time and place. There are times when our world absolutely paralyzes me. There were times in 2016 when I couldn’t scroll away from devastating or horrific stories. Not only did our world demonstrate some of the worst sides of humanity, but my own friends and family experienced some of my worst nightmares.

Yet, 2016 was a good year. As I searched for our Christmas card picture, I came across photo after photo of joy. The big moments and little moments, milestones and ordinary days, filled with a goodness that doesn’t ignore the darkness, but overcomes it.

So, this is what I came up with:

New Year Best Year

My New Year’s image echoes a hope that is deeper than a sappy meme. Yes, it is a hope for a better future and a better 2017. But more so, it is also a personal challenge to call to mind the good in my life in an intentional way that heals and strengthens the heart.

2017 will be the best year of my life, not just in comparison to how 2016 panned out. 2017 will be the best year of my life because I will choose to be diligent, intentional, and hopeful in my relationships, my work, and my vantage point.

Naturally, my next piece continues the theme:



Will you #KeepThisResolution with me?


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